Pretend power in Africa

Remember when President Museveni and many other leaders authored, in the name of the African Union, a communiqué to ‘world leaders’ that please do not intervene in Libya the way you want to intervene. The ‘world leaders’ just ignored them, went ahead and bombarded Libya. Why are 'world leaders' not respecting Africa? Why do ‘world… Continue reading Pretend power in Africa

Uganda pays high salaries

Uganda made it onto the list of ten African countries with the highest average monthly salaries; taking the 10th position, with an average monthly salary of USD 738 (about 2.6 million shillings). Uganda's average monthly salary, by the way, is an amount that is higher than Uganda’s gross domestic product (GDP), which, in 2021, was… Continue reading Uganda pays high salaries

Why an education which shames us?

During these difficult times, the volume at which parents are crying out loud at how our children are missing out on education is fascinating for me, especially so, from a cultural anthropological perspective. Even those who identify as Pan-Africans are crying loudest. Which begs the question, shouldn't this be an opportunity for Uganda to re-take… Continue reading Why an education which shames us?

SA burns, was Mandela a Trojan Horse?

As I hear on radio, watch on television and read in the news the tragic events unfolding in South Africa, an assertion by a colleague, a Kenyan, a black African, James Shikwati of the famous Inter Region Economic Network, dominates my mind. On several occasions and in my presence, Shikwati has asserted that the former… Continue reading SA burns, was Mandela a Trojan Horse?

People of Africa – The Mongo of Central Africa

The Mongo people are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the equatorial forest of Central Africa. They are the second largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, highly influential in its north region. A diverse collection of sub-ethnic groups, they are mostly residents of a region north of the Kasai and the… Continue reading People of Africa – The Mongo of Central Africa