Hon. Among brings gender & region balance at top echelon

Purely from a gender perspective, Hon. Anita Annet Among, is the best candidate to be elected Speaker to replace the late Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah now rested. This is because, with the late Oulanyah as Speaker, the three arms of government - the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary - were all headed by men.… Continue reading Hon. Among brings gender & region balance at top echelon

Bridge online gender-gap

My Facebook page, Norah Owaraga’s Blog, is followed mostly by men. It bothers me. So, I generated a post on Facebook with the breakdown statistics of my blog followers, accompanied with the caption: “Just wondering why my blog is followed by 79 percent men and only 21 percent women. And moreover, the majority are in… Continue reading Bridge online gender-gap

Bridge the sports gender-gap

During my childhood, fifty years ago, females never played certain sports that were ring fenced as male only sports. It is noble and bold for Sports Women Connect Foundation, Entebbe, to choose to promote playing of rugby among girls and women as an avenue for mentoring and leadership training. On International Women's Day 2022 they… Continue reading Bridge the sports gender-gap

FDC did women’s day best

If you consider how it all started, among Uganda's political parties, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) did International Women's Day (IWD) 2022 best. IWD had socialist beginnings with women forming movements to fight for equality for their labour, for voting rights, for radical change for the benefit of womankind; and for celebrating womanhood. And… Continue reading FDC did women’s day best

Uganda modern women at work

Recently, on my way from Entebbe to Kampala, I stopped by a Shell Fueling Station at Entebbe Town and wow did the pump attendant impress me. She was so well put together. You could see that in the morning when she prepared to come to work, she had put in the effort. Her make up… Continue reading Uganda modern women at work