MPs do your job – undo Karamoja famine by design

As politicians and political parties jostle to outshine the other as the saviour of Karamoja and are making paltry donations of food aid that perhaps costs more per capita to deliver to Karimojong households, I am tickled by the irony that they are oblivious of the fact that they are responsible for causing the latest… Continue reading MPs do your job – undo Karamoja famine by design

Longole on Karamoja cattle-economy in crisis

Simon Peter Longoli's insights that he shared in his article titled: "Cattle Crisis" demonstrates what many – Government of Uganda and other development agencies are doing wrong in Karamoja. Longoli has re-affirmed that the Karimojong people are really not the problem as they are so often alleged to be; but rather the problem is us… Continue reading Longole on Karamoja cattle-economy in crisis