Call out domestic GBV

Even though I have never watched even one episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians", I have heard a lot about the Kardashians, because my fellow Ugandans chatter a lot about them. And in particular, Kim Kardashian and her then husband Kanye West. I clearly remember when they visited Uganda, after all, they were received… Continue reading Call out domestic GBV

Celebrating working women on our 59th Independence Day Uganda

It delights me when I interact with women at work in what I presume to be their own businesses. And whenever I can, I support such small businesses by buying from them. These women that we found in Lira recently when we were looking for a supplier of flowers and decorative plants impressed me so.… Continue reading Celebrating working women on our 59th Independence Day Uganda

Stop using offensive label “single mother”

When I paid attention to it, I realised that I really don't like that concept "SINGLE MOTHER." The more I thought of it the more I realised that its usage and application in Uganda is mostly from a moralistic attitude; and which attitude frames mothers who are seemingly and overtly parenting their children on their… Continue reading Stop using offensive label “single mother”

‘Scientific Elections’ and Women’s Participation

Two of my social media actions on Facebook got me thinking about the participation or not of the greater body of women in campaigns for and voting in the 2021 parliamentary and presidential elections. One month ago, on the 4th August, it was the anniversary of my birth. This year, I celebrated it with a… Continue reading ‘Scientific Elections’ and Women’s Participation

I am a Woman of Substance

Shortly after give a TEDx Kira Talk: "Going back to our roots" I read somewhere that the strength of menstruation period pains can be equivalent to the force of pain experienced when one gets a heart attack. Yes, it is that time of the month and am high on pain killers; which if not taken… Continue reading I am a Woman of Substance