Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures ePDF

It is clear, that the Prime Minister Obote led Administration, consisting of ‘global-westernised-recaptive-Ugandans’, did not ensure that the best of the “rapid progress” and the best of the “age old customs of our forefathers” were equally preserved and factored into the design of the ‘new country’. In failing to fuse the two sets of knowledge,… Continue reading Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures ePDF

Uganda’s Exogenous Knowledge

During the colonial period, knowledge systems of the English, who colonised the territory now known as Uganda, were overtly enforced in the territory. The older generations of the descendants of ‘African-Ugandans’, for example, will recall how severely they were forced to learn English at school and to abandon speaking their own ‘African-Ugandan’ languages. Evidence of… Continue reading Uganda’s Exogenous Knowledge

Uganda’s Endogenous Knowledge

‘Khosian-Ugandan’ and ‘African-Ugandan’ cultures are the endogenous knowledge of Uganda. This discussion, however, does not pretend expertise in the original culture of ‘Khosian-Ugandans’ nor of ‘African-Ugandans’. The emphasis of this discussion, is to simply insist that they existed. That they existed, is evidenced, for example, by the fact that they were referenced in speeches during… Continue reading Uganda’s Endogenous Knowledge