EU Parliament on EACOP and Museveni’s reign

It is fascinating how the popular discourse on Uganda that followed the European Union Parliament's decision on the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) focused on human rights issues under President Museveni's reign. Yes, environment issues were among the basis for the decision, but the popular discourse in Uganda focused on human rights issues. To… Continue reading EU Parliament on EACOP and Museveni’s reign

Ours should be the official languages of Uganda

On Kiswahili as an official language of Uganda, I am not game. I would much rather that the languages of the 10 largest first nations of Uganda are taught in school and are included as official languages of Uganda, with provision for translation services for the other 45 languages of the first nations of Uganda.… Continue reading Ours should be the official languages of Uganda

Crisis: ‘Big man’ leadership

The acrimonious relationships among leaders of Uganda’s political parties – intra and inter is interesting. It reveals how the multiparty 'democratic' elections system now practised in Uganda is based on a mistaken belief in it as a system that nurtures good governance. Among the worst injustices inflicted on Ugandans, moreover, are the billions of shillings that we… Continue reading Crisis: ‘Big man’ leadership

Expat Gaze Part 5 – Ugandans’ language

“Among Ugandans, nobody swears. Everybody is at least bilingual - English and your home language.”Francisco Toro It is quite likely that because of the power dynamics between Toro and the Ugandans that he associated with, he never ever heard any of them swear in his presence. This does not mean that “nobody swears” in Uganda.… Continue reading Expat Gaze Part 5 – Ugandans’ language

Expat Gaze Part 3 – White Privilege

White privilege is out of control.  muzungus get away with all kinds of craziness. There are whole sections of town that cater mostly to muzungus. By the same token, muzungus get charged 50-100 percent more than Ugandans for everything, always.”Francisco Toro Racism was a major driver of colonialism and slavery; and at the same time… Continue reading Expat Gaze Part 3 – White Privilege