Why there are many educated unemployed youth in Uganda

EDUCATION, what is it and how do the educated use their education? These are some of the questions that the research and advocacy project "Challenging Categories: educated unemployed youth as institutional innovators" presumably will interrogate. Already, the challenging categories project has sparked consciousness that education is not really a neutral term. It is quite possible… Continue reading Why there are many educated unemployed youth in Uganda

Fact Check: “You cannot police poverty, hunger.”

My childhood experiences 40 years ago, spending time at our ancestral home in Pallisa, convince me that the most effective way to take on poverty, hunger and unemployment is to police them. Am the granddaughter of the late Yosia Engantunyun (Simba), the lion chief of the Ikaribwok Isekelio clan of the Iteso of Uganda and… Continue reading Fact Check: “You cannot police poverty, hunger.”