‘Liberation’ in daily life

On this 26th day of January 2022, the NRM Liberation Day remembrance, my thoughts are dominated by what liberation actually means to us in our day to day lives in Uganda. I am especially concerned by the way in which we "modernise" or more accurately "global-westernise" by losing a lot of our good food and… Continue reading ‘Liberation’ in daily life

Defend Bugingo for God allows polygamy

I wonder whose faith is skin-deep and is simply intoxicated by religion, as in Karl Marx's "religion is the opium of the people." Is it of the: Pastor who publicly humiliated his wife and sought to divorce her, in order that he marries his concubine? Followers who cheered their pastor on as he publicly humiliated… Continue reading Defend Bugingo for God allows polygamy

The Teso biking grandma

Through Teso Vibez’s Facebook page, I confirmed that our biking grandma is Tata Arengo Grace, from Ojiji Village, in Opot Parish, in Obalanga Sub-County, in Kapelebyong District, in Teso Sub-Region, in North-Eastern Uganda. Teso Vibez’s followers have since shared that Tata Arengo is a business woman who sells honey; and an astute politician – Obalang… Continue reading The Teso biking grandma

“Doctor in the house,” my guide to good health

There is this reality television series that airs every morning (Uganda time) on DSTv's "CBS Reality" channel, that is called: "Doctor in the house". In each episode, four doctors are invited into the lives of a family. The doctors observe the families' every day living - whether they do exercise or not; how they do… Continue reading “Doctor in the house,” my guide to good health