Rest well Professor Mutebile

"I will ensure that oil money is spend on agriculture and infrastructure and not on consumption... If that money is badly used, I will resign because I cannot be party to corruption. Bank of Uganda Governor, Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, 2010 (quoted by Daily Monitor And now he is gone before the oil comes out… Continue reading Rest well Professor Mutebile

Trending in Uganda: Agent Banking

“There is this new thing in Africa that I don't understand. It's called Agent Banking. A store/shop acts as an agent to a bank, or several banks. The same store is also an agent to a telco's mobile money business. The agents are in remote places where banks don't want/can't afford to set up branches.… Continue reading Trending in Uganda: Agent Banking

Bank of Uganda policy framework questionable

While, in 2013, commercial banks reduced their lending rates, it seems that none have reduced them back to the original rates pre-2011. This status quo does not facilitate improvement in the food security situation of Ugandans.