Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to Muzzle Communicators

The directive from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) nicely demonstrates how “muzzle” is used in the context of humans. UCC's directive reveals its false perception of its role and how it has assumed it to be the controller of what issues Ugandans may express our views on; and in what content and form we ought to… Continue reading Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to Muzzle Communicators

Peaceful Revolution of Hope

In order to inspire, I sought inspiration from the inaugural address of the President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy (JFK), which he gave in 1961, may his soul continue to rest in peace. Borrowing from JFK, I titled my speech: “Peaceful revolution of hope” I also sought inspiration from President Nelson… Continue reading Peaceful Revolution of Hope

“The bullet doesn’t kill. What kills is the silence of people”

I am inclined to agree with Dr. Stavia Turyamuhabwa, Programme Manager of Uganda's Tuberculosis (TB) and Leprosy Control Programme that “there is no one being treated for TB when they do not have it.” Dr. Turyamuhabwa was responding to findings of a Global Fund audit which uncovered missing TB medicines and which raised suspicion that… Continue reading “The bullet doesn’t kill. What kills is the silence of people”

A Citizen’s Experience with Immigration

So about two months ago, a citizen, let's call her Ajakait, went to Immigration in Kampala in order to apply for the renewal of her passport which had not only expired but was also filled up. Only one page was remaining. It had been over ten years since she had been to Immigration and this… Continue reading A Citizen’s Experience with Immigration