Household Food Planning

For all I know, the problem of food insecurity in Uganda is more about food distribution than the actual lack of food at all. But to allege that Ugandans prefer feeding their kids on food supplements is to tell us that Ugandans have majority elite. What does afood supplement mean to a poor woman living… Continue reading Household Food Planning

Drought is Good?

“Drought is good because as a Country it has woken us up,” President Museveni is reported to have said. An insightful epiphany on climate change he seems to have had. One, however, is befuddled by President Museveni's policy direction on matters climate change. Yes, drought conditions are revealing. One of the things that drought has… Continue reading Drought is Good?


The donor countries caused global warming, but they are not reducing their green-house-gas emissions at any convincing speed. Most did not fulfill the Kyoto-Protocol obligations. Nor are they doing much to facilitate climate-relevant action in disadvantaged countries, writes Hans Dembowski, the editor in chief of D+C Development and Cooperation. This is how the 'donor countries' did… Continue reading #ClimateChangeIsReal