Expat Gaze Part 3 – White Privilege

White privilege is out of control.  muzungus get away with all kinds of craziness. There are whole sections of town that cater mostly to muzungus. By the same token, muzungus get charged 50-100 percent more than Ugandans for everything, always.”Francisco Toro Racism was a major driver of colonialism and slavery; and at the same time… Continue reading Expat Gaze Part 3 – White Privilege

EOC joins government bodies felled

Uganda’s Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) was shoved onto my consciousness this past week. News stories abound about the “EOC boss,” Mrs. Sylvia Muwembwa Ntambi, EOC Chairperson, being charged with fraud in the Anti-Corruption Court, with nine other “EOC bosses.” New Vision Reports: "Ntambi and nine other employees of the commission face 25 counts of causing… Continue reading EOC joins government bodies felled

30+ Years of President Museveni – Part 1: “Man With The Key Has Gone”

“What is your experience, have things changed for the better in Uganda or is it the case that often the "man with the key has gone?" The answers to this question on a social media is the trigger of this analysis but not the sole basis.

#6bnhandshake Elitist Proceedings

The proceedings that are looking into the sharing of the 6bn presidential handshake are leaving a bitter taste in one’s mouth, particularly so the seeming definition of “extraordinary work” that has been adopted. Take for instances this extract from media reports: Mr. Angulla who at the time of the cases was serving as URA’s Clerical officer and… Continue reading #6bnhandshake Elitist Proceedings

Magufuli, Kagame and #6bnhandshake

Photo: Ms. Norah Owaraga, at the time Fundraising Director of Uganda Change Agent Association (UCAA) receives a non-financial handshake from His Excellency, President Museveni, during the National Agriculture Show in Jinja.