Let us talk democracy!

I am honoured to be invited to be one of the three panelists at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) physical event, “Let’s Talk Democracy!”, that is taking place tomorrow, Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 from 02:00 - 5:00 p.m., in Kampala. I am preparing to share my two bits on Uganda’s political landscape, democracy and the oversight role… Continue reading Let us talk democracy!

Pretend power in Africa

Remember when President Museveni and many other leaders authored, in the name of the African Union, a communiqué to ‘world leaders’ that please do not intervene in Libya the way you want to intervene. The ‘world leaders’ just ignored them, went ahead and bombarded Libya. Why are 'world leaders' not respecting Africa? Why do ‘world… Continue reading Pretend power in Africa

Situation of mute MPs worse

In 2015 I wrote: "The current system is irrational for it allows for districts, such as my ancestral district, Pallisa, whose annual revenue collection is about 130 million shillings only, to be represented by five MPs that cost the nation 900 million shillings per year.Negative trends such as the most recent weakening of the shilling… Continue reading Situation of mute MPs worse

Uganda and our Pretend Democracy

There are similarities between the current status quo post 2021 elections and the status quo post 2011 elections. Firstly, the amount of money that Uganda spends on elections, which elections are invariably always contested by those who are declared loser, makes one wonder why we even bother. Post elections, furthermore, the incumbent and who is… Continue reading Uganda and our Pretend Democracy

Crisis: ‘Big man’ leadership

The acrimonious relationships among leaders of Uganda’s political parties – intra and inter is interesting. It reveals how the multiparty 'democratic' elections system now practised in Uganda is based on a mistaken belief in it as a system that nurtures good governance. Among the worst injustices inflicted on Ugandans, moreover, are the billions of shillings that we… Continue reading Crisis: ‘Big man’ leadership