Call for women in agribusiness business acceleration program

I have checked this out. The application seems very easy to complete. Thank you DFCU Bank and Rabo Bank. If, after the death of my late papa, my criminal step brother is not attempting to grab my land by cutting down my orchard valued at Shs. 250 million, I would be applying to this seemingly… Continue reading Call for women in agribusiness business acceleration program

Online Banking Not Caught On In Uganda

When we explained to them that those very cards that they use for making ATM withdrawals, they could use to do an online transaction, they simply did not want to do so for various reasons.

Trending in Uganda: Agent Banking

“There is this new thing in Africa that I don't understand. It's called Agent Banking. A store/shop acts as an agent to a bank, or several banks. The same store is also an agent to a telco's mobile money business. The agents are in remote places where banks don't want/can't afford to set up branches.… Continue reading Trending in Uganda: Agent Banking