Uganda’s Indigenous Communities as at 1st February 1926

Reading the third schedule of our Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (article 10(a)) has me wondering how so little I know about our indigenous communities, my fellow Ugandans. And yet I identify as a cultural anthropologist. Some of our indigenous communities, like the Aliba, the Batuku, the Gimara, the Mening, the Ngikutio, the Reli… Continue reading Uganda’s Indigenous Communities as at 1st February 1926

The Iteso Lens on Cabinet

First, important context. Media reports are abound in which, His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, is quoted as having said something to the effect that those who are applying an ethnic analysis on his political appointments are myopic individuals with no sense of direction. Atesot in the centre with two Karimojong beauties during a cultural… Continue reading The Iteso Lens on Cabinet

Uganda’s Ethnicity Politics

This week, judging from the chatter on social media, the major systemic discomfort arising from the fallacy of Uganda as being a naturally united nation-state of a united people overtly cracked. Tensions boiled over, among Ugandans, on matters of who is who in public national governance. Basically, like an active volcano, that systemic discomfort that… Continue reading Uganda’s Ethnicity Politics