Failed Matooke economics

They say we cannot export fresh matooke to the US. Why, because they are blocking markets for importers of bananas from Latin America. And so, they label our bananas as problematic - as likely to bring in unwanted pests, blah, blah. Really, how problematic are our bananas? Anyway, that is how we end up with… Continue reading Failed Matooke economics

Elections and Museveni’s Neo-Colonialism Card

The European Union (EU) election monitors who monitored Uganda’s 2016 Elections take some credit for President Museveni's outburst, “ICC (International Criminal Court) is a bunch of useless people,” during his 2016 swearing in ceremony. EU election monitors' reports and statements to the press on matters regarding the 2016 elections in Uganda often came out unnecessarily skewed and… Continue reading Elections and Museveni’s Neo-Colonialism Card