Gender Lens on Best Ministers

A deeper analysis of Mr. Museveni's cabinet of six months ago, in fact, reveals that the top five positions in cabinet - President, Vice President, Prime Minister, and the 1st and 2nd Deputy Prime Ministers - were all men, and it continues to be the case even now. Of the full ministers in Mr. Museveni's cabinet of six months ago, 64 percent were men and only 36 percent were women. Of the Ministers of State, 66 percent were men and 34 percent were women.

The Minister

This past couple of months as we battle the Coronavirus COVID-19 and as we receive official up-dates of the scourge, usually delivered to us from locations where our cabinet ministers have convened, I have been thinking of the character of they who are our ministers. It is important that I disclose that I am actually… Continue reading The Minister

30+ Years of President Museveni – Part 1: “Man With The Key Has Gone”

“What is your experience, have things changed for the better in Uganda or is it the case that often the "man with the key has gone?" The answers to this question on a social media is the trigger of this analysis but not the sole basis.

“The bullet doesn’t kill. What kills is the silence of people”

By the way, what happened to that story which the BBC and NTV were investigating about the theft and sale of government drugs? Is the case of the arrest of the journalists who were investigating the story going forward or did it just disappear? And did either BBC or NTV ever air the story?