Hon. Among brings gender & region balance at top echelon

Purely from a gender perspective, Hon. Anita Annet Among, is the best candidate to be elected Speaker to replace the late Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah now rested. This is because, with the late Oulanyah as Speaker, the three arms of government - the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary - were all headed by men.… Continue reading Hon. Among brings gender & region balance at top echelon

Against all odds health workers doing good job

The way in which the narrative on the Kasule-Mityana-Hospital tragedy is presented in the media is consistent with the tendency among us Ugandans to promote a misrepresentation of our health workers. @NTV Uganda Reportedly, sadly, Mrs. Kasule lost two of her triplets and without the intervention of Prime Minister (PM) Robinah Nnabanjja, she would have… Continue reading Against all odds health workers doing good job

The Minister

This past couple of months as we battle the Coronavirus COVID-19 and as we receive official up-dates of the scourge, usually delivered to us from locations where our cabinet ministers have convened, I have been thinking of the character of they who are our ministers. It is important that I disclose that I am actually… Continue reading The Minister

Food and Nutrition Policy and Culture

A person may be food insecure while surrounded by plenty of food. For example, if the available food is not culturally acceptable to that person. Culture is a possible reason as to why Ugandans widely consume foods, such as cassava, that tilt food intake radically toward protein-poor, vitamin-deficient starches and fibre. For many Iteso, for… Continue reading Food and Nutrition Policy and Culture