44 trillion budget will it bring doctors?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended doctor to population ratio is at least 20 medical doctors per 10,000 people, as in a the WHO recommended doctor to population ratio is 1:500. In Pallisa District, my home district in Eastern Uganda, for example, the doctor to population ratio is 1:45,854; more than four 92 times higher… Continue reading 44 trillion budget will it bring doctors?

It is time to End Tuberculosis Improve Diagnostic Services

A fully installed GeneXpert machine costs 70 million shillings. The car allowance for MPs is 150 million shillings. If we can afford to spend 63.9 billion shillings on cars for MPs, they we can afford to buy sufficient TB diagnostic equipment.

Reference Sources on Tuberculosis

As part of a consortium that is implementing the research and policy advocacy project: “Tuberculosis: Working to Empower the Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE)”, since January 2016, CPAR Uganda Ltd is conducting research on tuberculosis (TB). Follow the progress of TWENDE - up-dates are now available on the TWENDE page on the CPAR Uganda Ltd website.… Continue reading Reference Sources on Tuberculosis

Corruption and human engineered disasters

We have manmade disasters and then we have natural disasters. There are very many manmade disasters which are systemically obviously going to happen. People like to talk about the word corruption as a vague abstract term. Corruption is not vague, corruption is not abstract. For corruption to take place there has to be the person… Continue reading Corruption and human engineered disasters