Origins of “Bukedi” – could it derive from Ateso?

I have just had an interesting telephone conversation with Professor Samwiri Lwanga Lunyiigo who insists that the word “Bukedi” (plural) is a Luganda word derived from the word “Mukedi” (singular); which words refer to people that are either half naked or fully naked (not wearing clothes). However, Prof. Lunyiigo acknowledged that he was not certain… Continue reading Origins of “Bukedi” – could it derive from Ateso?

Makerere fire is ancestors’ warning: decolonize

These past couple of days, I have been reflecting on the power of a name. Specifically, the meaning to which we attach to our name; the meaning that others attach to our name; and what reactions our name elicits. Does our name keep us rooted within the culture of our ancestors or does it render… Continue reading Makerere fire is ancestors’ warning: decolonize

Uganda and People ePDF

Ever wondered how Uganda came into being? And ever wondered how a descendant of the first nations that occupied the territory now known as Uganda, prior to the formation of Uganda, a cultural anthropological perceives the people of Uganda? If you ever wondered so, "Uganda & People" is for you. If you never wondered so,… Continue reading Uganda and People ePDF

Book Review: “The Iteso”

The importance of well researched and well written books can not be overestimated. One such book is "The Iteso", by J.C.D. Lawrance for Eria Paulo Engulu, M.B.E., Chief Judge of Teso in the 1950s and his people. Since I got to learn of and to acquire "The Iteso" (photocopy of the full book), I feel… Continue reading Book Review: “The Iteso”