How to break the gender bias

At the death of my grandmother, I inherited her house which my father built for her. My inherited house is part of our ancestral homestead. I have deep roots on our ancestral land. Yes, scary for whoever thinks of uprooting me from our ancestral land. My Alinga Farms is located on about four acres of… Continue reading How to break the gender bias

Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

They say, this disease, COVID, if it finds your body strong – you are nutritionally strong; your body has been receiving the sufficient nutrition; COVID, the chances of fighting it are high. So, we should go back and look at those things that are also contributing to COVID being spread heavily among Iteso. I have… Continue reading Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

Iteso land rights for married women

Within Iteso Culture, a married woman is one for whom all formalities of Iteso marriage have been done and have been satisfactorily concluded, including: Aitodiar - introduction ceremonyAbilakinio - bride gifts determination ceremonyEiyis - delivery of the bride giftsAinyamario - escorting and receiving of the bride to her ere (home). Ejakait Emmanuel George Owaraga and… Continue reading Iteso land rights for married women

Perspectives from Teso on Women’s land rights

Today, Friday, 30th July 2021, at 02:00 p.m. I will deliver a keynote address to set the stage for the second Teso Land Dialogue Series organised by Ateker Professionals' Initiative for Development (APID). The theme for today's dialogue is: "Women's Land Rights from a Cultural Lens: Perspectives from Teso." The event will be hosted on… Continue reading Perspectives from Teso on Women’s land rights

Value of Ancestors’ Graves

The hypothesis being that one can tell who the current actors on Uganda’s land scene are by how they answer the question: “What is the value of my ancestors’ graves?” Particularly, in the context of the increasing possibility that one might be forced to value one’s ancestors’ remains and their graves, when a particular kind… Continue reading Value of Ancestors’ Graves