Behind a successful woman is a man, her father

Its been two years and a month since my late papa rested. It is amazing, though, how I intensely feel his presence and protection, as I go about the business of living. I randomly remember things that he told me and or those that others said he told them about his aspirations for me. It… Continue reading Behind a successful woman is a man, her father

We each have our time surely

The life of my papa Omio, brother to my late father, has me convinced in the belief that if it is not your day you will not die. My papa Omio "star nnyoo" as they would say in street talk here in Buganda. As a youthful man he consumed significantly, to the extent that many… Continue reading We each have our time surely

Keeping the Chief’s Legacy Alive

Good morning papa. Today, 1st February 2021, marks three months since you rested. You are on my mind in a positive light. I am thinking of you and how among your father’s sons you are the one whom your sisters chose to be your father’s heir and to fill his shoes, so to speak. Within… Continue reading Keeping the Chief’s Legacy Alive

Culturally, my first name is Alinga

A week after I was born I was named in an Iteso naming ceremony. I was named after the mother of my father, my grandmother, the matriarch Ajakait Joyce Mary Alinga, may her soul continue to rest in power. But, I was born in the 1960s after Christianity had taken root in Uganda. At the… Continue reading Culturally, my first name is Alinga