Behind a successful woman is a man, her father

Its been two years and a month since my late papa rested. It is amazing, though, how I intensely feel his presence and protection, as I go about the business of living. I randomly remember things that he told me and or those that others said he told them about his aspirations for me. It… Continue reading Behind a successful woman is a man, her father

Women, break the silence…

"Breaking the silence is the first step of transforming the culture," so it is said and it is hoped. The all female cast of "Shame on your hand" opening this weekend at the National Theatre are taking action and doing just that. Accept their invitation. Buy a ticket and show up for them and for… Continue reading Women, break the silence…

Pupils bring money home

“While other parents of pupils in other schools say schools consume money, our pupils at certain times are able to go and withdraw money from their own bank accounts and take the money home.” Teacher Kawooya Benard Yes, yesterday, Friday 18th March 2022, I was fortunate to meet Teacher Kawooya Bernad of Mathematics Science Technology… Continue reading Pupils bring money home

Celebrating Florence Naduk

"Florence Naduk is fabulously a woman of substance; she is a true daughter of Karamoja of Uganda. As the Director of Kara-tunga Arts and Tours Karamoja, she is among the champions for the preservation of Karimojong Culture."

Peaceful Revolution of Hope

In order to inspire, I sought inspiration from the inaugural address of the President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy (JFK), which he gave in 1961, may his soul continue to rest in peace. Borrowing from JFK, I titled my speech: “Peaceful revolution of hope” I also sought inspiration from President Nelson… Continue reading Peaceful Revolution of Hope