Papa, a civil servant hero

The month of June for Uganda is one that is packed with activity that celebrates heroes. The controversial Uganda Martyrs' Day on 3rd June; the equally controversial National Heroes' Day on 9th June; and the equally controversial Fathers' Day on 22nd June. I wonder, can my late papa, be defined as heroic in his religious… Continue reading Papa, a civil servant hero

Fact Check: Emyooga in Pallisa – Gogonyo

Last week, I heard Mr. Orone Derrick, the Honorable Member of Parliament representing Gogonyo Constituency in Pallisa District, speaking on Super FM (a Buganda based radio station, which broadcasts in Luganda). Speaking in Luganda, Hon. Orone asserted that the Emyooga funds that were deployed in and for Gogonyo were 100 percent well utilized. I heard… Continue reading Fact Check: Emyooga in Pallisa – Gogonyo

Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

So, the other day, I dropped in to see my sister, Iretor Sikola, daughter of Papa Otim, a brother to my late father. I had heard she was not well, but look what I found. I found her seated in a shade sorting the damaged groundnuts from the good ones from her recent harvest.Iretor at… Continue reading Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

44 trillion budget will it bring doctors?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended doctor to population ratio is at least 20 medical doctors per 10,000 people, as in a the WHO recommended doctor to population ratio is 1:500. In Pallisa District, my home district in Eastern Uganda, for example, the doctor to population ratio is 1:45,854; more than four 92 times higher… Continue reading 44 trillion budget will it bring doctors?

Role of statistics in Ugandans’ day to day lives

A few days ago, as His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni read his nth State of the Nation address, he got to a point where his speech writers had included statistics to back an argument in the speech. He paused a while and then explained that he felt uncomfortable reading out loud those statistics for… Continue reading Role of statistics in Ugandans’ day to day lives