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Oblivious Members of Parliament

But, in Uganda, ordinary people living undignified, deprived lives is the norm. And if our members of parliament are called out for contributing towards the status quo, they effectively, ask the deprived and poor, who cannot afford the proverbial bread, to go eat the proverbial cake.

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NRM’s Achilles Heel & Men in Uniform

The ongoing fracas in which Gen. Elly Tuwmine is reportedly totally disrespecting his fellow members of parliament and the institution of parliament as a whole lends credence to this blog post and provides a valid example that exemplifies the assertions here in. Sadly, it would appear that the military under NRM is going full circle back to the kind of military under the past regimes before them. Gen Tumwine is reported as having questioned: “Who is speaker of parliament? Who is she? Tell her that I am a General. Have you heard? What did she contribute in struggle?”