‘Rolex’ & Russia-Ukraine war

Dear fellow Ugandans, some of you are content that the Russian-Ukraine war is far away and has no direct consequence to your daily lives. Wrong. Think about wheat-based goodies that Ugandans have come to prioritize in our diets – daddies, bread, cakes, etc. Food for thought, is there a celebratory function in Uganda these days… Continue reading ‘Rolex’ & Russia-Ukraine war

Lesson – small family farms feed Russia

Smallholder farmers feed our nation Uganda and beyond. So, it is a wonder that backyard gardening for food is mostly frowned upon here. "It is for the poor," many have surmised. And so, it is the norm that in the urban ares of Uganda, especially, that large chunks are utilised to grow aesthetically pleasing non-edible… Continue reading Lesson – small family farms feed Russia

Food sovereignty versus food security

Uganda, once again, should learn from Cuba on matters agriculture for food. Particularly, so, the  importance of advocating for food sovereignty versus simply advocating for food security. One can be food secure albeit not being in control of the production of the food that one consumes (food security). BUT if one is not in control… Continue reading Food sovereignty versus food security