The reckoning is nigh, give back the land Azania

There is a push by South Africans to rename their country Azania; a name, which according to findings of empirical research, is the original name for the geography now named South Africa. The name Azania, goes beyond geography and it encapsulates a major historical phenomena, the slave trade. Apparently, it is Arab slavers who used… Continue reading The reckoning is nigh, give back the land Azania

SA burns, was Mandela a Trojan Horse?

As I hear on radio, watch on television and read in the news the tragic events unfolding in South Africa, an assertion by a colleague, a Kenyan, a black African, James Shikwati of the famous Inter Region Economic Network, dominates my mind. On several occasions and in my presence, Shikwati has asserted that the former… Continue reading SA burns, was Mandela a Trojan Horse?