What must we think of Religion?

What must we think of organised religion when we read: “The Rt. Rev. Michael Okwii Esakan has raised 19 complaints against the Rt. Rev. Charles Oode Okunya of the Reformed Anglican Church.” Among the 19 complaints raised are “illegal and forceful conversion of church land; denying access to church property – like places of worship;… Continue reading What must we think of Religion?

Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

These reflections were shared by Samuel Gilbert in comment to a previous post on nowaraga.com titiled: "Liberation in daily life." He wrote: "I once thought to myself, what will happen of us when our parents and grandparents pass on? Has anyone documented their knowledge on certain things pertaining our society and culture? being a born… Continue reading Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

The Teso biking grandma

Through Teso Vibez’s Facebook page, I confirmed that our biking grandma is Tata Arengo Grace, from Ojiji Village, in Opot Parish, in Obalanga Sub-County, in Kapelebyong District, in Teso Sub-Region, in North-Eastern Uganda. Teso Vibez’s followers have since shared that Tata Arengo is a business woman who sells honey; and an astute politician – Obalang… Continue reading The Teso biking grandma

Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

They say, this disease, COVID, if it finds your body strong – you are nutritionally strong; your body has been receiving the sufficient nutrition; COVID, the chances of fighting it are high. So, we should go back and look at those things that are also contributing to COVID being spread heavily among Iteso. I have… Continue reading Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

We are at peace in Teso when the grave of our loved one is in good state

On Monday, as I made my way back from a work trip to Teso, I had the privilege and the honour to stop by my aunt's home, my ija Agadi, my late father's sister, and to be part of her family as she had the grave of her late husband and of her late granddaughter… Continue reading We are at peace in Teso when the grave of our loved one is in good state