‘Outsiders’ as Minsters for Karamoja Affairs, why?

Hon. Agnes Nanduttu has updated her Facebook wall where she posted the photo above, with the following caption: "Today I have been given the mandate to serve Ugandans as state minister for Karamoja. Now it is time to work. Thank you Uganda."Hon. Agnes Nanduttu, Woman Member of Parliament for Bududa District and now Minister of… Continue reading ‘Outsiders’ as Minsters for Karamoja Affairs, why?

Hon. Nanduttu, reject it if you care for Karamoja

Hon. Agnes Nanduttu looked fly in her beaded jewelry, so she thought, as she went to parliament this past week to be vetted, in order to get parliament’s approval for her to become the Minister for Karamoja. And, by the way, Hon. Nanduttu has also gone ahead to change her profile photos on social media… Continue reading Hon. Nanduttu, reject it if you care for Karamoja

As women dominate top echelon of Cabinet…

Time will tell if Her Excellency the Vice President Hon. Jessica Rose Epel Alupo, a retired Major of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, shall have a visible, clear and substantive role in the actual day to day running of our nation; or she will remain hidden behind scenes and will serve her term of office… Continue reading As women dominate top echelon of Cabinet…

Women of Karamoja to be marginalized no more!

In December 2019, as the keynote speaker at the first ever Karamoja Women's Conference, I asked women of Karamoja thus: "Through a qualitative lens, are you, the women of Karamoja, convinced that the two Karimojong men in Cabinet are able and are fully equipped to represent the Karimojong women’s voice during policy initiation and discussion… Continue reading Women of Karamoja to be marginalized no more!

The Iteso Lens on Cabinet

First, important context. Media reports are abound in which, His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, is quoted as having said something to the effect that those who are applying an ethnic analysis on his political appointments are myopic individuals with no sense of direction. Atesot in the centre with two Karimojong beauties during a cultural… Continue reading The Iteso Lens on Cabinet