Greedy barbarians everywhere and at all levels

Men, for the purpose of this post, let us refer to them as ikokolak, went to this woman's orchard and without her permission they harvested 28 bags of oranges. Loaded them on a vehicle, drove off to the market and sold them. More specifically, ikokolak handed over the oranges to a middleman, with the promise… Continue reading Greedy barbarians everywhere and at all levels

Ugandan men in uniform can be funny

"You, wewe, stop." And when I continued walking on. He jumps on his motorbike and rides towards me from behind, in order to scare me to stop. When the front tyre of his bike reached me, I stop and turn to face my aggressor. "Why are you taking photos?" he asks. I sense an Atesot… Continue reading Ugandan men in uniform can be funny

When POMA Law is used to intimidate

#THV the Public Order Management Act is as unconstitutional as it is abused and misapplied.

Stopping the Carnage of Road Accidents

Driving permits should be first a sign of ones ability and skill to drive and not as a means of identification.