Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

These reflections were shared by Samuel Gilbert in comment to a previous post on nowaraga.com titiled: "Liberation in daily life." He wrote: "I once thought to myself, what will happen of us when our parents and grandparents pass on? Has anyone documented their knowledge on certain things pertaining our society and culture? being a born… Continue reading Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

Our limited medical vocabulary

Just wondering why our Uganda languages mostly have one word for medical personnel - doctors, nurses, lab technicians and health workers as a whole - village health teams, herbalists and all others. We do not have a different word for Clinicians, for example; and it is often the case that we perceive all clinicians to… Continue reading Our limited medical vocabulary

Lesson – small family farms feed Russia

Smallholder farmers feed our nation Uganda and beyond. So, it is a wonder that backyard gardening for food is mostly frowned upon here. "It is for the poor," many have surmised. And so, it is the norm that in the urban ares of Uganda, especially, that large chunks are utilised to grow aesthetically pleasing non-edible… Continue reading Lesson – small family farms feed Russia

Rest well Professor Mutebile

"I will ensure that oil money is spend on agriculture and infrastructure and not on consumption... If that money is badly used, I will resign because I cannot be party to corruption. Bank of Uganda Governor, Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, 2010 (quoted by Daily Monitor And now he is gone before the oil comes out… Continue reading Rest well Professor Mutebile

The Teso biking grandma

Through Teso Vibez’s Facebook page, I confirmed that our biking grandma is Tata Arengo Grace, from Ojiji Village, in Opot Parish, in Obalanga Sub-County, in Kapelebyong District, in Teso Sub-Region, in North-Eastern Uganda. Teso Vibez’s followers have since shared that Tata Arengo is a business woman who sells honey; and an astute politician – Obalang… Continue reading The Teso biking grandma