The power of affirmation – your stories on tuberculosis are well written

“Dear Norah Owaraga, I got interested in reading your stories about GeneXpert utilization and tuberculosis (TB) in Northern Uganda. They are well written, thank you! With the knowledge, skills and exposure you have, I believe you can support to give more publicity to TB disease.

I wish you can reach out to the Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Specialist of National TB & Leprosy Control Program of Ministry of Health and see how you can work together for the good of the community. Thank you.

Abdunoor Nyombi via Academia

And so, I reached out to Nyombi via Academia and he gave me the contact information for the BCC Specialist of the National TB & Leprosy Control Program. I called the BCC and we now have an appoint for this Friday to explore further.

And then I was reminded that I had planned to publish our TB research findings briefings through our CPAR Uganda website for wider consumption outside of academia. I used Designrr to PDF our first briefing; uploaded it onto the CPAR Uganda website; and it is now available to download free.

Click here and download.

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