We live our lives once, stay rooted in our people’s culture

I read this article a few minutes ago, "Going back to our roots," by Norah Owaraga", and liked it for the fact that it signals to fellow Africans, Ugandans to embrace their cultural diversity, norms, and values as part of success in the future. I really agree with the writer that what we do today… Continue reading We live our lives once, stay rooted in our people’s culture

My Ganda culture informs all that I do

"Great article Norah. Congratulations on the ALI project in rooted in Teso culture," wrote Dr. Maggie Kigozi after she had read my blog post containing the text for the TEDx Kiira Talk that I gave in 2015 and titled: "Going back to our roots." Dr. Maggie Kigozi also shared how the culture of the Uganda… Continue reading My Ganda culture informs all that I do

Speaker Kadaga’s legacy needs auditing

I saw a video in which Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was dicing her deputy, Deputy Speaker Jacob Olanya, as incompetent to handle matters in parliament, especially certain tough decisions like amending the constitution to remove the age-limit. She was dicing him in order to justify why she should be re-elected for a third term as Speaker.… Continue reading Speaker Kadaga’s legacy needs auditing

Speaker Kadaga should not seek another term

It is fact that on matters Uganda national governance, women are under-represented - from top to bottom. Read more of my analysis in my "GENDER LENS ON BEST MINISTERS," published in July 2020 and in my "CRY KARAMOJA WOMEN!" published in December 2019 Be that as it may, I cannot accept the proposition that because… Continue reading Speaker Kadaga should not seek another term

Tundu Lissu’s Magufuli Died of Covid-19 Thesis – Part 4

Based on information of his imminent death I was receiving from my Kenyan and Tanzanian sources, that same day, I tweeted again: “The latest update from Nairobi: “They are planning to sneak him out to India to avoid social media embarrassment from Kenyans. They feel that it will be more embarrassing if the worst happened… Continue reading Tundu Lissu’s Magufuli Died of Covid-19 Thesis – Part 4