I hiked Aruu Falls in Acholi in Northern Uganda

Am starting to get the work-life-balance-steer-away-from-stressful-situations philosophy. I took a chance and I joined a group safari with other women. Our first destination was Aruu Falls and it was worth it over and over above! I enjoyed Uganda’s gift of nature and it nurtured my mind, body and soul. At the top of Aruu Falls… Continue reading I hiked Aruu Falls in Acholi in Northern Uganda

African justice trumps global-western ones

Now, I don't know if this extract below is from a book about Uganda. I have simply borrowed it from the Facebook wall of Mr. Kakwenza Rukirabaishaija, but it certainly rings bells for me. The few agonizing times I have had to interact with the preferred legal system of our nation-state immediately came to mind… Continue reading African justice trumps global-western ones

Kanyamunyu chooses to face Acholi Justice

“Matthew Kanyamunyu requested court to halt his murder trial to allow time to complete the traditional justice process and added that he will seek the Judiciary’s Plea Bargain mechanism that provides for a lenient sentence upon confession of guilt… Kanyamunyu wants court to allow him first complete the Acholi traditional reconciliation mechanism locally known as… Continue reading Kanyamunyu chooses to face Acholi Justice

African Culture, Blood-Money & Death Penalty

First, as a Pan-Africanist, I celebrate the strength of African-Ugandan cultures, to the extent that they were not completely erased by English colonization of our people and territory. Evidence of my assertion, for example, is the modern day application of the Acholi First Nation Justice System on Matthew Kanyamunyu, an accused that is not of… Continue reading African Culture, Blood-Money & Death Penalty

Acholi Reconciliation Justice

The media as been abuzz with commentary that was ignited by photos of Matthew Kanyamunyu, while he was at the ancestral home of Kenneth Watmon Akena (RIP), the man he is accused of killing, showing him seemingly going through rituals that are part of Acholi reconciliation justice. Kenneth Watom Akena (RIP) It is fascinating how… Continue reading Acholi Reconciliation Justice