Memorial libraries needed

“Yoga (greetings) Norah, I am delighted to come across your blog. I have been enjoying your work on Radio One’s Spectrum Extra and now I am more than happy to continue loving your wonderful work. Eyalama noi (thank you very much)."Ilemut L’Okwii Emorukalet L’Omagoro, Ateker (clan) – Ibwongo Ikaribwok, Etale (totem) – Eswei (mushrooms), Katakwi… Continue reading Memorial libraries needed

Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

These reflections were shared by Samuel Gilbert in comment to a previous post on titiled: "Liberation in daily life." He wrote: "I once thought to myself, what will happen of us when our parents and grandparents pass on? Has anyone documented their knowledge on certain things pertaining our society and culture? being a born… Continue reading Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

Iteso forest rights food security & environment

“Only an owner or user may cut trees on his(/her) land but any person may cut trees on unallocated land. Certain trees because of their food properties or utilitarian uses are regarded as reserved trees and may not normally be cut down even by the person on whose land they grow… Trees planted by hand… Continue reading Iteso forest rights food security & environment

Why an education which shames us?

During these difficult times, the volume at which parents are crying out loud at how our children are missing out on education is fascinating for me, especially so, from a cultural anthropological perspective. Even those who identify as Pan-Africans are crying loudest. Which begs the question, shouldn't this be an opportunity for Uganda to re-take… Continue reading Why an education which shames us?

Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure

For me, this is how I am doing it in my world of academia, as a practicing anthropological researcher, who has a specific interest in the preservation and natural evolution of knowledge systems of my people, the Iteso of Uganda. When, for example, I receive a request to participate as a respondent to a study… Continue reading Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure