Pretend power in Africa

Remember when President Museveni and many other leaders authored, in the name of the African Union, a communiqué to ‘world leaders’ that please do not intervene in Libya the way you want to intervene. The ‘world leaders’ just ignored them, went ahead and bombarded Libya. Why are 'world leaders' not respecting Africa? Why do ‘world… Continue reading Pretend power in Africa

Africa unite advocated Gaddafi

For many Africans, including Ugandans, we took with a pinch of salt the global-western driven narrative and propaganda machine that devilized Colonel Muamar Gaddafi, prior to his murder. Yes, by all means he was not a saint, but his deeds were not all bad. He did some good and by the look of things in… Continue reading Africa unite advocated Gaddafi

President Obote legacy lives in speeches – Part III

We are liberated now and let us proclaim loud and clear that as far as we are concerned the past is now firmly behind us. We harbour no ill-feelings towards any country or organisation – indeed, we take this opportunity to extend the hand of friendship to all nations big or small, rich or poor,… Continue reading President Obote legacy lives in speeches – Part III

Unity in AU Summit

African leaders meeting, where they are all together, is a very good thing. We should not present ourselves on the world stage as tiny little countries, and therefore, once in a while we need to use symbolism. An achievement, yes it is of regular meetings of African leaders showing that we are united. This is… Continue reading Unity in AU Summit