Our limited medical vocabulary

Just wondering why our Uganda languages mostly have one word for medical personnel - doctors, nurses, lab technicians and health workers as a whole - village health teams, herbalists and all others. We do not have a different word for Clinicians, for example; and it is often the case that we perceive all clinicians to… Continue reading Our limited medical vocabulary

Branding in Ateso, the case of my “Atorot” brand

As I sought to brand products of my Alinga Farms using Ateso, the language of my people, the Iteso of Uganda, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, I crosschecked with the Ateso dictionary by Ongodia and Ejiet. In the Ongodia and Ejiet Ateso dictionary, the spelling of the Ateso word for flower is "Atorot".… Continue reading Branding in Ateso, the case of my “Atorot” brand

Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected

On behalf of my fellow Iteso (the people), I confirm to you that Ateso (our language) is a complex and highly evolved language; and I proudly clarify as follows: We, as a group, are correctly referred to as Iteso, therefore, referring to your singular friend as Iteso is wrong. Ejakait Ochom is ETESOT One person… Continue reading Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected