Kakwenza, will you survive this time round?

Dear Kakwenza, In 2020, your "The Greedy Barbarian" rubbed the handlers of our head of state the wrong way; as did Denis Cecil Hills' "The White Pumpkin", rub handlers of another of our heads of state the wrong way, for in it Hills likened the head of state to a "Village Tyrant." Like Hills you… Continue reading Kakwenza, will you survive this time round?

Banana republic politics & Kakwenza-type writers

Banana republic is a derogatory noun to describe “a small state that is politically unstable as a result of the domination of its economy by a single export controlled by foreign capital” (definitions from Oxford Languages). While, one has not yet read either of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija’s books for which he has been arrested twice, one… Continue reading Banana republic politics & Kakwenza-type writers