World economic order at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

I have seen several posts of my fellow Africans reveling in the fact that our African presidents and other 'smaller world leaders' were transported in buses to West Minister for Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral. At the same time while the President of the United States of America, the US, is moving in his own armored… Continue reading World economic order at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

100 years on earth you rested, fare thee well ija Mangada

She who babysat my father, the Chief now rested, his sister, my ija (aunt) Akia Magdelene, and whom we popularly and fondly knew as ija Mangada, rested on Wednesday, 24th August 2022, aged an estimated 100 years. I was battling a common cold, which necessitated medication, and so was not able to go and physically… Continue reading 100 years on earth you rested, fare thee well ija Mangada

Angry ghost of Oulanyah

I remember as a child, I was in awe of my late paternal grandmother, my tata. You see, we would be sitting in her front yard, threshing millet or winnowing millet or doing other post-harvest handling activity, and on occasion a spiral wind would blow over. And my grandmother would rush to cover "the eye"… Continue reading Angry ghost of Oulanyah

‘Bereaved’ fight for money

Eeeh! I thought I had seen it all after the death of my late papa, when I began to face the fire of greed for the property of a deceased by 'the grieving". Apparently, I have seen nothing. I just watched an episode of “Judge Judy” in which two grown men sued their seemingly younger… Continue reading ‘Bereaved’ fight for money

Rest well Ija Apio

On the morning of 21st February 2022, I was given the sad news that my ija (aunt) Apio had rested. Ija Apio was a cousin to my late papa. She was the daughter of my late papa’s uncle, papa Opodo (RIP), who, as part of the King’s African Rifles, fought for the British in World… Continue reading Rest well Ija Apio