Esawa ebala meka e’Mbale – my grandfather’s legacy – Part 1

"Esawa ebala meka e'Mbale?" (What is the time on the clock in Mbale?) This question, according to folklore, was often used by my late grandfather, Ejakait Yosia Engatunyun (aka simba), to silence those who crossed him and or who violated his rule. The Mbale Clock Tower was built in 1938 in honour of King George… Continue reading Esawa ebala meka e’Mbale – my grandfather’s legacy – Part 1

Expat Gaze Part 3 – White Privilege

White privilege is out of control.  muzungus get away with all kinds of craziness. There are whole sections of town that cater mostly to muzungus. By the same token, muzungus get charged 50-100 percent more than Ugandans for everything, always.”Francisco Toro Racism was a major driver of colonialism and slavery; and at the same time… Continue reading Expat Gaze Part 3 – White Privilege

Uganda’s Official Language is English (ePDF)

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda recognises 55 first nations of Uganda, which it refers to as "tribes"; and each of these 55 first nations have a language. However, none of our languages is recognised as an official language of our country, Ugandan. English, the language of those who colonised the territory now known… Continue reading Uganda’s Official Language is English (ePDF)

Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures ePDF

It is clear, that the Prime Minister Obote led Administration, consisting of ‘global-westernised-recaptive-Ugandans’, did not ensure that the best of the “rapid progress” and the best of the “age old customs of our forefathers” were equally preserved and factored into the design of the ‘new country’. In failing to fuse the two sets of knowledge,… Continue reading Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures ePDF

Uganda and People ePDF

Ever wondered how Uganda came into being? Ever wonder who the first nations of Uganda are? If you ever wondered so, "Uganda & People" is for you. It is an easy read presented in the way how a Ugandan cultural anthropologist perceives her people, the people of Uganda. If you never wondered so, but are… Continue reading Uganda and People ePDF