Fact Check: Era of MPs gambling with speeches over or not?

“You will not speak if you have not done research; it must be evidence. The era of gambling with speeches is over… Let’s do research; the era of throwing figures and statistics whose sources are not known is over… we want when people read the Hansard, it is read as a document that can be… Continue reading Fact Check: Era of MPs gambling with speeches over or not?

Systemic Corruption in Uganda

Dishonesty is the bedrock for grand corruption, the kind which initiates and perpetuates “significant subversion of the political, legal and economic systems” of our country. And yet, rarely, if at all, is our outrage significantly provoked when corruption occurs in the form of dishonesty. We have become desensitized by our leaders generally, but particularly so, our politically elected leaders, telling us lies and with significant audacity.

SIM Blocks = No Middle Income Country

Digital technology (machines and soft ware) have intrinsic power, but to some extent only. To the extent that the technical knowledge, the theoretical knowledge or what Aristotle defined as “certain knowledge”, specifically the design of the gadgets (hardware) and the software (operating systems) have an in-built potential power to transform society. These days, for example,… Continue reading SIM Blocks = No Middle Income Country

Voting in “New’ LCs by Lining Up

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda approved that Local Council  (LC) Elections could be held, once again, by people lining up behind their respective candidate of choice. Parliament approved this in 2015 and a bout time it was. And, yes, the implementation of it is long, long overdue. Here is an extract from an… Continue reading Voting in “New’ LCs by Lining Up

Fact Check: State Discrimination against Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Are the social media commentators genuinely misinformed or have they deliberately chosen to propagate a misinformation propaganda campaign in favour of Dr. Nyanzi and against the Government of Uganda?