Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

They say, this disease, COVID, if it finds your body strong – you are nutritionally strong; your body has been receiving the sufficient nutrition; COVID, the chances of fighting it are high. So, we should go back and look at those things that are also contributing to COVID being spread heavily among Iteso. I have… Continue reading Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

Tuberculosis shaped Fashion COVID shaping?

Let me start by sharing my experience yesterday in search of a health facility which still had dozes of AstraZeneca in stock. Our journey started at the Uganda Virus Research Institute Clinic in Entebbe, where we were told the dozes were over. They are just waiting for new stock. When it will arrive, they did… Continue reading Tuberculosis shaped Fashion COVID shaping?

UBOS may be thinks like a “native informer”

Native informers are researchers who are used to provide raw material – in form of data – to foreign academics who process it and then re-export it back to Africa.

Look closer is he that you know a psychopath?

Lately, I am reviewing things that have happened in my life and I am beginning to wonder if I have looked in the eyes of a psychopath and did not realise so, or, perhaps, more accurately, did not accept that he could be one. How does one truly know a psychopath in action? For many… Continue reading Look closer is he that you know a psychopath?

President Obote legacy lives in speeches – Part I

I stand humbly before you, today, in a country ravaged, plundered and divested for over eight years by the brute and monstrous regime of Idi Amin. I am deeply conscious of the untold suffering and misery inflicted on the people of our country by the monster Amin and his henchmen. His attempt to enslave the… Continue reading President Obote legacy lives in speeches – Part I