Let’s go back to ‘African-Ugandan’ political roots

Amidst the most deadly pandemic of our times, Uganda is insisting on going through the rituals of 'democratically' electing political leaders using exogenous political designs from another's culture. And the manner in which the political campaigns are being conducted by most leaves a lot to be desired. I am not even sure that we in… Continue reading Let’s go back to ‘African-Ugandan’ political roots

Security Guard Induced Insecurity

Horror stories are abound during this COVID-19 induced lock down in Uganda. Stories of customers at the mercy of security guards. Case in point, I arrived at a reputable establishment, went to the security desk to sanitize my hands and the security guard commands: “use the other one”, while pointing at a water washing point.… Continue reading Security Guard Induced Insecurity

COVID-19 Confirms Parliament Out-of-touch

There is a video clip of a session of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda that is doing rounds on social media. The clip shows members of parliament (MPs) scrambling for a microphone, in order that they may get a chance to query COVID-19 relief food procured and is being distributed by the COVID-19… Continue reading COVID-19 Confirms Parliament Out-of-touch