COVID-19 Outs Presidents’ Leadership Styles

"Whereas it is indeed problematic to ‘worship’ leaders and allow them to grow strong wings to enable them fly against the will of the people, the current Magufuli wave does not support the exact point you are making. It has been hijacked and ‘forced’ onto the thesis you want to make."Bwesigye Mwesigire, 2015 Mweigire concluded… Continue reading COVID-19 Outs Presidents’ Leadership Styles

His Excellency Fidel Castro Absolved by History

If the COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus pandemic and these words of wisdom from His Excellency Fidel Castro do not cause a major re-think and re-do of our world, which we live in, nothing will: “Our country does not launch bombs against other people. Or send thousands of planes to bomb cities. Our country does not… Continue reading His Excellency Fidel Castro Absolved by History

COVID19 Pandemic Lesson 1: What Many Call Home

What many who live in the urban centres of Uganda call home is a one or two roomed house that is located in a congested “affordable area”; essentially slum-like conditions. The rooms, generally, being about five meters by five meters in size. It should be note that the average population size of a household in… Continue reading COVID19 Pandemic Lesson 1: What Many Call Home