Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected

On behalf of my fellow Iteso (the people), I confirm to you that Ateso (our language) is a complex and highly evolved language; and I proudly clarify as follows: We, as a group, are correctly referred to as Iteso, therefore, referring to your singular friend as Iteso is wrong. Ejakait Ochom is ETESOT One person… Continue reading Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected

COVID task force needs cultural anthropologists

Hands down, in comparison to the others, the Government of Uganda under the National Resistant Movement (NRM) administration, led by His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta T. Museveni, initially did a commendable job of enforcing prevention of the spread of covid in Uganda. The evidence to support this assertion is there. For example, the following statistics… Continue reading COVID task force needs cultural anthropologists

Legacy of Ejakait Eng. G. W. O. Owaraga – Nikye’s Ainyonyo

It has been eight months since Ejakait Engineer George William Obityo Owaraga, the Chief of the Ikaribwok Isekielio Clan of the Iteso and King George of Entebbe, my father, rested early morning on 1st November 2020. As his cultural mother, I, Ajakait Esta Norah Alinga Owaraga, who is named after his late mother, Ajakait Joyce… Continue reading Legacy of Ejakait Eng. G. W. O. Owaraga – Nikye’s Ainyonyo

Iteso naming rituals are disappearing

People have studied – have gone to school – have attained formal global-western education, and are in their work places there. When a child is born, it is no longer the case that the father of the child will even bother to ask the elders that: "a child has been borne what name should it… Continue reading Iteso naming rituals are disappearing

A poem about the meaning of our names

Our journey begun in the spirit of MUFURUKI – an immigrant – in our case, one who crossed borders in search of a solution to the leadership challenge of East Africa and Africa as a whole. The spirit of MUFURUKI combined with ZUHURA – a beautiful scented flower – to entice us into a BOMANI… Continue reading A poem about the meaning of our names