Why an education which shames us?

During these difficult times, the volume at which parents are crying out loud at how our children are missing out on education is fascinating for me, especially so, from a cultural anthropological perspective. Even those who identify as Pan-Africans are crying loudest. Which begs the question, shouldn't this be an opportunity for Uganda to re-take… Continue reading Why an education which shames us?

Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected

On behalf of my fellow Iteso (the people), I confirm to you that Ateso (our language) is a complex and highly evolved language; and I proudly clarify as follows: We, as a group, are correctly referred to as Iteso, therefore, referring to your singular friend as Iteso is wrong. Ejakait Ochom is ETESOT One person… Continue reading Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected

Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

No longer designate, and with a full mandate since her approval by Parliament, no doubt, the Prime Minister Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah and her team are doing their very best to do better than her predecessor in handling of covid-19 lock down relief packages to ‘needy Ugandans'. Unlike her predecessor, Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja’s team has… Continue reading Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

‘Outsiders’ as Minsters for Karamoja Affairs, why?

Hon. Agnes Nanduttu has updated her Facebook wall where she posted the photo above, with the following caption: "Today I have been given the mandate to serve Ugandans as state minister for Karamoja. Now it is time to work. Thank you Uganda."Hon. Agnes Nanduttu, Woman Member of Parliament for Bududa District and now Minister of… Continue reading ‘Outsiders’ as Minsters for Karamoja Affairs, why?

Hon. Nanduttu, reject it if you care for Karamoja

Hon. Agnes Nanduttu looked fly in her beaded jewelry, so she thought, as she went to parliament this past week to be vetted, in order to get parliament’s approval for her to become the Minister for Karamoja. And, by the way, Hon. Nanduttu has also gone ahead to change her profile photos on social media… Continue reading Hon. Nanduttu, reject it if you care for Karamoja