World economic order at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

I have seen several posts of my fellow Africans reveling in the fact that our African presidents and other 'smaller world leaders' were transported in buses to West Minister for Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral. At the same time while the President of the United States of America, the US, is moving in his own armored… Continue reading World economic order at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Ours should be the official languages of Uganda

On Kiswahili as an official language of Uganda, I am not game. I would much rather that the languages of the 10 largest first nations of Uganda are taught in school and are included as official languages of Uganda, with provision for translation services for the other 45 languages of the first nations of Uganda.… Continue reading Ours should be the official languages of Uganda

Colonial legacy drives policy

The nation-state Uganda, from its onset at political independence, is structurally designed to sustain cultural imperialism. The kind of cultural imperialism, in particular, that equates progress or being progressive to knowledge systems of the global-west. The logical consequence is that the knowledge systems that continue to be prioritised by the nation-state Uganda are those that… Continue reading Colonial legacy drives policy

Why an education which shames us?

During these difficult times, the volume at which parents are crying out loud at how our children are missing out on education is fascinating for me, especially so, from a cultural anthropological perspective. Even those who identify as Pan-Africans are crying loudest. Which begs the question, shouldn't this be an opportunity for Uganda to re-take… Continue reading Why an education which shames us?

Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected

On behalf of my fellow Iteso (the people), I confirm to you that Ateso (our language) is a complex and highly evolved language; and I proudly clarify as follows: We, as a group, are correctly referred to as Iteso, therefore, referring to your singular friend as Iteso is wrong. Ejakait Ochom is ETESOT One person… Continue reading Iteso sensitive when our language is disrespected