Why aren’t Mutuba trees growing all over Uganda?

The question: "why aren't Mutuba trees growing all over Uganda?" that is the title of this blog posts, I did ask at the end of another of my blog posts “50 year old Mutuba Tree”, together with the following questions as well: “Or are they growing all over Uganda, except for places were “development” has arrived?… Continue reading Why aren’t Mutuba trees growing all over Uganda?

Count in Human Beings

"Nobel laureates, economists, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo call for a paradigm change. They want their profession to consider EMPIRICAL REALITY rather than indulging in FICTIONAL MODELS. In particular, they resent TV economists who sell DISTORTED PLATITUDES as deep insights."D+C 2020/05-06 This morning, I happened on a book review of the book: "Good economics for… Continue reading Count in Human Beings

Decolonise Minds – Research Disputable

It never ceases to amaze me how Uganda’s education system produces Ugandans whose minds are so colonised against acknowledging and celebrating traditional knowledge systems of the peoples of the first nations of Uganda – the Iteso, the Buganda, the Banyakigezi, etc. It is mind blowing how factoids permeate presentations by Ugandans on Uganda that they… Continue reading Decolonise Minds – Research Disputable

Food and manners

A couple of days ago, I posted a picture of my homemade supper on face book with the following description: Atap (sorghum and cassava meal) and akiring (smoked beef) na esudud (in groundnuts sauce) cooked Teso style. Supper is ready. The response was amazing and generally of affirmation from Iteso (the people) that are living… Continue reading Food and manners