Dr. Besigye and Mr. Museveni are Alike

I share here below an extract of a social media exchange we had in regard to media reports of the promises made by Candidate Dr. Besigye to return land grabbed to rightful owners. You see, Candidate Dr. Besigye is the beneficiary of a single story; a story that insinuates that he is the only one… Continue reading Dr. Besigye and Mr. Museveni are Alike

Media Helps to Make Africa’s Tyrants

When a president makes a decree that re-allocates resources from one approved budget vote to another un-budgeted vote, for example as President Magufuli and President Museveni do, what does this say about all those civil servants and politicians who made and approved the plans and budgets? Is it sufficient to simply justify the presidential decree… Continue reading Media Helps to Make Africa’s Tyrants

Africa Heralds Messiahs Who Aren’t – Part II

Reality checks among Ugandans began to truly sink in during the 2000s, as may be deduced from the fact that the media began to tell another single story for President Museveni – he was not the messiah after all. Nevertheless, in 2001 President Museveni again contested and won Uganda’s Presidential elections with the endorsement of… Continue reading Africa Heralds Messiahs Who Aren’t – Part II

Africa Heralds Messiahs Who Aren’t – Part I

Keeping it close to home, the son of Uganda’s former President, Idi Amin, on social media described President Magufuli’s ‘bulldozer-approach’ in Tanzania as being: “The exact hands-on approach that Amin used to ensure that government was providing expected services efficiently.”Hussein Lumumba Amin The opinion that President Amin was a better president than our current president,… Continue reading Africa Heralds Messiahs Who Aren’t – Part I