Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to Muzzle Communicators

The directive from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) nicely demonstrates how “muzzle” is used in the context of humans. UCC's directive reveals its false perception of its role and how it has assumed it to be the controller of what issues Ugandans may express our views on; and in what content and form we ought to… Continue reading Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to Muzzle Communicators

Digital Devices NOT Flesh & Blood

Achebe: "Man is a story-making animal. He rarely passes up an opportunity to accompany his works and his experiences with matching stories. The heavy task of dispossessing others calls for such a story..."

Artificial Digital Revolution

The Uganda Law Society found the order not supported by law to register or validate our SIM cards using only one questionable method of identification – the national identity card while our other more authentic, more legal and more valid forms of identification – passports and driving permits – were rendered useless. The National Resistance Movement Organisation (NRMO) Administration, that is in power, unlawfully decreed it any way.