Fact Check: “All Ugandan children can read & count”

Here are some facts: “Only about 50 percent of the children in Primary 3 were proficient in literacy and numeracy in a 2018 survey conducted by the Government.” UNICEF In its 2014 report, “Are our children learning? Literacy and Numeracy in Uganda,” UWEZO shared the following realities: One out of 10 children assessed in Primary… Continue reading Fact Check: “All Ugandan children can read & count”

Pupils bring money home

“While other parents of pupils in other schools say schools consume money, our pupils at certain times are able to go and withdraw money from their own bank accounts and take the money home.” Teacher Kawooya Benard Yes, yesterday, Friday 18th March 2022, I was fortunate to meet Teacher Kawooya Bernad of Mathematics Science Technology… Continue reading Pupils bring money home

Celebrating working women on our 59th Independence Day Uganda

It delights me when I interact with women at work in what I presume to be their own businesses. And whenever I can, I support such small businesses by buying from them. These women that we found in Lira recently when we were looking for a supplier of flowers and decorative plants impressed me so.… Continue reading Celebrating working women on our 59th Independence Day Uganda

We each have our time surely

The life of my papa Omio, brother to my late father, has me convinced in the belief that if it is not your day you will not die. My papa Omio "star nnyoo" as they would say in street talk here in Buganda. As a youthful man he consumed significantly, to the extent that many… Continue reading We each have our time surely

Why an education which shames us?

During these difficult times, the volume at which parents are crying out loud at how our children are missing out on education is fascinating for me, especially so, from a cultural anthropological perspective. Even those who identify as Pan-Africans are crying loudest. Which begs the question, shouldn't this be an opportunity for Uganda to re-take… Continue reading Why an education which shames us?