Why there are many educated unemployed youth in Uganda

EDUCATION, what is it and how do the educated use their education? These are some of the questions that the research and advocacy project "Challenging Categories: educated unemployed youth as institutional innovators" presumably will interrogate. Already, the challenging categories project has sparked consciousness that education is not really a neutral term. It is quite possible… Continue reading Why there are many educated unemployed youth in Uganda

Academic Papers Season

This morning, I Googled Hon. Singh Katongole. I was looking for information to prove a totally different point that I am making for a completely unrelated story. As I did my Google-search on him, I happened on a Daily Monitor story on him: "EX-MP SING KATONGOLE SCORES 13 POINTS IN UACE," and it warmed by… Continue reading Academic Papers Season

Nawangwe’s Reign at MUK, Education and Politics

Prior to his appointment as Vice Chancellor (VC) of Makerere University Kampala (MUK), there were allegations that Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe is with indiscipline and questionable ethics. Case in point, for example, allegations made against him by his former boss, his predecessor, Professor John Ddumba Ssentamu. In a letter to Prof. Nawangwe dated 30th January 2017,… Continue reading Nawangwe’s Reign at MUK, Education and Politics