Why is Kidepo Safari Lodge still in ruins?

Recently, I had the thrill of visiting and touring Kidepo Safari Lodge, now renamed Katurum Lodge Kidepo. It is located on Katurum Rocks of Kidepo Valley National Park and was apparently built in 1971 during the reign of President Idi Amin Dada Oumee. Certainly, without a doubt, Kidepo Safari Lodge is clearly one of President… Continue reading Why is Kidepo Safari Lodge still in ruins?

To be a ‘Big Man’ in Teso is earned not inherited

"The ideal clan elders were men of understanding and impartial judgement who saw themselves not as rulers but as the arbiters and mediators of their people ... if a son lacked the quality of leadership, another among the sons, fulfilling the requirements of leadership, was chosen by the clan to take over. Courage and generosity,… Continue reading To be a ‘Big Man’ in Teso is earned not inherited