Papa, a civil servant hero

The month of June for Uganda is one that is packed with activity that celebrates heroes. The controversial Uganda Martyrs' Day on 3rd June; the equally controversial National Heroes' Day on 9th June; and the equally controversial Fathers' Day on 22nd June. I wonder, can my late papa, be defined as heroic in his religious… Continue reading Papa, a civil servant hero

Memorial libraries needed

“Yoga (greetings) Norah, I am delighted to come across your blog. I have been enjoying your work on Radio One’s Spectrum Extra and now I am more than happy to continue loving your wonderful work. Eyalama noi (thank you very much)."Ilemut L’Okwii Emorukalet L’Omagoro, Ateker (clan) – Ibwongo Ikaribwok, Etale (totem) – Eswei (mushrooms), Katakwi… Continue reading Memorial libraries needed

Legacy of Ejakait Eng. G. W. O. Owaraga – Nikye’s Ainyonyo

It has been eight months since Ejakait Engineer George William Obityo Owaraga, the Chief of the Ikaribwok Isekielio Clan of the Iteso and King George of Entebbe, my father, rested early morning on 1st November 2020. As his cultural mother, I, Ajakait Esta Norah Alinga Owaraga, who is named after his late mother, Ajakait Joyce… Continue reading Legacy of Ejakait Eng. G. W. O. Owaraga – Nikye’s Ainyonyo

Conversations with my father on God named Edeke

Papa, it is fascinating how the modern day Christian God is referred to in Ateso as Edeke. This is because, before Christianity arrived in Teso, among the Iteso, Edeke was reportedly originally the god of calamity, who was dreaded and when things went wrong, it was the norm that Edeke was propitiated. “If sickness fell… Continue reading Conversations with my father on God named Edeke

Conversations with my father on Women’s Day

Papa, it is 8th March, International Women’s Day; and the theme for today's commemoration is: “'Choose To Challenge'. This states that women are responsible for their own thoughts and actions every day and they challenge the world every day. The theme further signifies that women can choose to challenge gender bias and inequality in the… Continue reading Conversations with my father on Women’s Day